Our Goal

Working Tirelessly To Protect And Build Our Country

Our Mission

To apply the basic principles of good governance, rule of law, meritocracy and zero tolerance to corruption and nepotism to liberate Lesotho from poverty and hunger.

Our Vision

By 2030, the economy of Lesotho will be growing by double digits.

Our Values

Freedom and liberty of the individual, honesty, integrity, equality of opportunity for all, human rights balanced with civic duty, progress, proactive and continuous reform and internationalism

Our philosophy: Social Liberalism

RFP subscribes to the idea that the State is responsible for providing regulatory oversight on the free-market system to ensure harmony between public and private interests
The RFP believes that it is the responsibility of a government to address economic and social issues such as education, healthcare, food security, social security, poverty eradication and public infrastructure.

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Featured Video

Lesotho has a new political party, Revolution for Prosperity, led by businessman Sam Matekane

by SABCNews

Apr 2, 2022

Lesotho has a new political party. Businessman Sam Matekane says if elected into power, his party – Revolution for Prosperity – will focus on building the economy of the Mountain Kingdom.
The country has experienced instability due to coalition governments since 2012.
International Editor, Sophie Mokoena spoke to Matekane on a range of issues, including the vision of his party, political and economic challenges, and Lesotho’s relations with the continent.