The Manifesto

The 2022 Manifesto sets out the systems and structural changes that are required to set Lesotho on the path to success. It spells out the RFP task of reshaping government into an efficient machine that delivers for every Mosotho. RFP hopes to establish a firm and irreversible foundation of transparent and accountable government systems whose effect will cascade into an upliftment of the quality of life and prosperity for all people living in Lesotho, present and future generations.

When it becomes a government after the 2022 general elections, RFP will implement the following revolutions

Agriculture and Food Security Revolution

  • Increase Agriculture Production Capacity
  • Develop Agricultural Commodity Markets
  • Maximize Value from Wool and Mohair

Healthcare Revolution

    Enhance Productive Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Capacity

  • Combat and effectively respond to Pandemics
  • Improving Quality of Health Infrastructure, Care and Personnel

Energy Sector Revolution

    Enhance Energy Self-Sufficiency and Capacity to Export

  • Building skills that support the energy revolution
  • Augmenting Storage Capacity of Fuels and Energy

Industrialization Revolution

    Developing Physical infrastructure towards achieving

  • Urbanization and Industrialization
  • Professionalization of sport for job creation
  • Develop Creative Industry

Development Finance Revolution

    Credit Guidance for Credit Giving Financial Institutions

  • Reengineering and reorganizing LNDC and BEDCO
  • Reinforce and enhance the financial inclusion mandate of Lesotho PostBank
  • Attracting Institutional Assets into Domestic Investments
  • Developing the Lesotho Asset Management Industry
  • Responsible Lending Practices
  • Unlocking Lesotho’s Tourism Sector Commercial and Job Creation Potential

Extractive Industry Revolution

    Mapping Lesotho’s mineral assets

  • Public auctioning of prospecting rights
  • Capturing Maximum Value for the Basotho Nation
  • Establish a Sovereign Development Fund
  • Enhance Energy Self-Sufficiency and Capacity to Export
  • Building Skills that support the Energy Revolution
  • Augmenting Storage Capacity of Fuels and Energy

Good Governance Revolution

  • Entrenching an ethical and corruption-free culture within the public service
  • Declaration and disclosure of assets and interests
  • Vetting of public officers
  • Vetting of political candidates
  • Establishment of a national procurement authority
  • Enacting a whistle-blowing policy and law
  • Strengthening institutions of good governance
  • Introducing heavy penalties for fraud and corruption

Social Security Revolution

  • Harness and improve the existing social development
  • Jobs as a social safety net against poverty and social exclusion
  • Taking care of the vulnerable
  • Introduction of a Social Security Fund
  • Low Income Housing Development
  • Improve working conditions for vulnerable workers

ICT Revolution

Adopt and enhance the use Internet of Things (IoT) in line with global trends to increase efficiency, productivity, capacity and safety across sectors by;

  • Digitizing agriculture and agro-processing through smart farming applications.
  • Adopting Digital ID Technologies to consolidate financial inclusivity and e-governance.
  • Developing e-Health Systems focusing on convenience of a patient.
  • Enhancing usage in education through adoption of e-admissions, e-learning and schools Management Systems.

Implementation Revolution

  • Promote a culture of “getting things done”
  • Establish a Government Priority Projects Implementation Authority
  • Appoint Principal Secretaries on merit and introduce performance management system
  • Reform the Civil service to build a capable, corruption-free and motivated civil service
  • Implement Decentralization