Hololo #2

A graduate of BCom Accounting, from the National University of Lesotho Mr. Lejone Mpotjoana hails from Butha-Buthe, Tsime. He is a Certified Business Continuity Lead Implementor with skills in Corporate Governance, Audit, Strategy Management, Risk Management, Coaching and Mentoring, as well as Policy Management. Mr. Mpotjoana is still pursuing a Certified Directorhip program with the Institute of Directors – Sourthern Africa. He is an outstanding youthful farmer at Agro440, Corporate Governance Specialist, Founding Manager of Lecholi (PTY) Ltd and governance consultant at Tharollo Business Consulting. In his career, he has served at the Lesotho Revenue Authority as Senior Manager Risk and Governance; at Botho University as Risk Management Industry Expert Advisor; Council Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee of the Center for Accounting Studies; Board Chair of Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee at Lesotho PostBank; Board Chair of the Lesotho Electricity Company; Board Chair of the Institute of Directors of Lesotho; as well as Board Member of the African Corporate Governance Network.Mr. Mpotjoana’s passion is hiking, sports and farming.