Mr. Thabo MOFOSI

Moyeni # 65

Born in the district of Quthing, Mr. Thabo Mofosi is a serial entrepreneur and one of Lesotho’s leading commercial farmers with a passion to turn the Kingdom into a food secure country as well as a breadbasket for the Southern African Region. Mr. Mofosi is a successful ram breeder, Board Chair of the Lesotho National Farmers Union (LENAFU), Chairperson of the Equestrian Association of Lesotho, as well as a business leader in tourism and indigenous sporting codes that include horse racing. He is a devoted community builder and servant leader. His passion for development and social responsibility is demonstrated in smart partnerships he makes with community members to produce food in fields around the district, as well as education support to vulnerable and deserving students in his area. To date more than 500 children have benefitted from his generosity.